Why Affiliate Marketing is Great for Bloggers

We all have an image of THAT kind of writer imprinted our minds- a lonely, struggling soul sitting in a bleak coffeeshop, with eyebrows furrowed and hands hurriedly typing away on a beloved manuscript that may or may not put food on the table.

It’s an image that is very familiar, yet it is a romanticized one at best. Most writers WANT to be paid for their writing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a poet, an academic, or a blogger- you want your hard work to be rewarded. And that means getting recognized, and earning money.

Blogging is Not an Easy Way to Make Money

Blogging, despite what most people would think, is not an easy money scheme. It takes quite a lot of effort and time to create a blog or website that can bring in a substantial amount of dough every month. While famous people like Martha Stewart can put out a simple recipe online and call it a day, mere mortals like us need to work harder for our blogs to be recognized.

For example, you just can’t put out a stream of random thoughts and musings online- no one would read those unless you lead a particularly interesting life or are already famous.

You need to find your own niche, a particular subject or topic that you need to focus on. You also need to target a certain demographic. Are your audience stay-at-home moms? Or are you targeting millenials and younger people? These are just some of the things that you and all bloggers need to consider.

Once you’ve already grasped WHAT niche you’re writing on and WHO you’re writing for- the road to monetization becomes much easier. There are several ways to do this: Google Adsense, paid reviews, and even your own products.

But one particular method seems to be gaining traction among lots of bloggers these days. And that method is AFFILIATE MARKETING.

The Benefits of AFFILIATE MARKETING for Bloggers

“How long does it take to make money blogging” you might ask. There is no definite answer. It can take anywhere from days, months, or even years, depending on how much effort you put in. With affiliate marketing, the length of time it takes for you to earn money from blogging can be lessened.

The benefits of affiliate marketing for bloggers is ten-fold. First, you don’t even need to create or develop your own product- there are plenty of products with affiliate marketing schemes to promote. You just neeed people to read your blog and send visitors to the affiliate merchants- and voila!

You’ve already earned money. No need to worry about customer service too, the merchants will already take care of that. If you like to review stuff and make recommendations or reviews, then affiliate marketing will come naturally to you.

Now, if you already got an established reputation, then the income potential from affiliate marketing will be sky-high. More readers = more income potential. Not only that, it can also help you gain a stronger and wider sphere of influence in your chosen niche too.

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